Whether you are a first time pet parent, or have welcomed companion animals into your home for many years, questions always arise about how best to care for your fur baby. Caring Hearts Cat Rescue and Sanctuary has searched the web for some articles to help answer those questions.

Surrendering Your Cat to Caring Hearts Cat Rescue and Sanctuary

Caring Hearts Cat Rescue and Sanctuary firmly believes that your relationship with your pet should be a lifelong commitment. However, we do understand that sometimes circumstances arise that make this difficult.

Surrendering your cat to a rescue or shelter should be your last resort for rehoming your animal. Before contacting Caring Hearts to inquire about surrendering your cat, please consider all your other alternatives. Sometimes friends or family members can step in to help. Social media offers options for finding a safe and caring new home for your cat. Sometimes the problem you are experiencing can be addressed in ways you hadn’t considered. The Toronto Humane Society offers some great ideas for overcoming some of the following issues:

If you feel you are unable to overcome the problems you are experiencing with your cat, and have no other alternative but to surrender your pet, you can apply to Caring Hearts Cat Rescue and Sanctuary to take in your cat. There is a $100 fee to surrender your cat. 


If you would like to apply to surrender your cat(s), please fill out the form below:

Surrender Form

    1, the owner of above noted animal(s) and assuming all responsibility and releasing the Caring Hearts Cat Rescue and Sanctuary from all risk and damage which may arise from whatever cause, do hearby surrender the described animals(s) to the Caring Hearts Cat Rescue and Sanctuary and transfer full ownership rights to the rescue. The owner will pay to Caring Hearts Cat Rescue and Sanctuary $100.00 per cat surrendered. The owner will supply all veterinary records at the time of surrender.

Local Organizations

We have also provided links to other rescue organizations or animal welfare groups in our area below:

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