Our Furever Stories

Herbie (Kimba)

"We adopted our guy in July 2020. He was named Kimba but we changed it to Herbie. He has brought so much happiness and joy to our lives. He came home and fit right in with our cat and dog. He is outgoing, playful and enjoys following us around the house. He sleeps with us and gets extra cuddly every night at 2 am lol. Herbie is so chatty and he chirps and talks to us all day. We love it because our other two are quiet. Caring Hearts is a wonderful organization and we will be forever grateful to them for allowing us to adopt our guy Herbie! We would recommend Caring Hearts to anybody looking to adopt a cat. They do extraordinary work and truly care. We are so thankful they are taking care of these cats and kittens and feel so happy when we see one that was adopted. Thank you Caring Hearts for all you do!"
Sincerely, Michelle Varey

Sierra (Lucky)

"This is Sierra, formerly Lucky. My partner picked her out at an adoption fair 2 years ago and she has been our love bug ever since. Shes full of tortietude and we love her to bits. When we first got her she was a terrified little girl and we weren't sure how she would do. She spent all her time in either our bedroom or computer room. Now she roams freely and gives kisses to all her adoptive brothers and sisters."

Magni (Clark Gable)

"This is Magni (Mags for short) formerly Clark Gable. He has been a wonderful addition to our fur family. He's super chill and sweet. His favorite past times include wrestling with his brother Max and playing in the bath tub. He was the first cat we adopted from Caring Hearts.

Kazzi (Sparrow)

"Meet Kazzi (formerly known as Sparrow before she found her Furever Home)!!! She is happiest when her cat’s meow is on and she’s getting treats!!! She’s still very shy but loves laying in the window watching life go by outside and sitting behind my feet when I’m in the bathroom lol...she has been a very welcome addition to our family, now just to convince my boyfriend she needs a playmate to bring her out of her shell a bit more"


"There is so much to say about Caring Hearts, to put it into a few sentences would be difficult, but one thing is for sure, Michelle is relentless about her commitment to helping these cats along with her team and volunteers. The goal, to rescue and re-home is just one small part of it. The everything in between is the meat of the rescue. Remember, this is not sponsored, its donations, so without the people, this rescue would not be able to help the hundred of cats each year have a new life. So thank you Michelle and her team from one of your volunteers and the adopter (foster failure) of Shadow"

Alaska (Syndi)

"I adopted Alaska (then Syndi) in February of 2018, and it was the best decision I ever made. She is the sweetest girl, who gives kisses to everyone who shows her love, and she absolutely loves to snuggle. She brings nothing but joy to the people around her, and I can't imagine my life without her! She is the best cat there is. I am so thankful to Caring Hearts for bringing us together".

Thank you infinitely, 

PJ (Tigger)

"“I would like to thank all of the volunteers of Caring Hearts for all that you do! The countless hours dedicated to finding forever homes for hundreds of cats and kittens should be commended. You made the adoption process easy and I LOVE my fur baby PJ (Tigger).”
Jacklynn Hunt

Bubby Lou (Halo)

"This is my best buddy Bubby Lou (formerly Halo). I adopted her in May 2017 when she was only about 8 weeks old. I wasn’t sure if I had it in me to be a cat mom but after a day together with her I knew I would never be able to give her up. Caring Hearts were so helpful with all my questions and even made a house call to show me how to properly trim her nails. If I were to adopt another fur baby, I would definitely use their services again"

Blue & Rover (Peanut Butter & Jelly Bean)

"After 21 years we had to say goodbye to our cat "Dog", last year we adopted these two guys as kittens. Peanut butter and jelly bean was their names. They are now named Blue and Rover. It wasn't an easy first few months but willingness and caring hearts helped to get them better. Now they are purrrfectly happy and healthy year old cats. They are like little Klingons. Always there when you turn around. They love being with you. They have been great company when my husband has been out of town, someone to come home to. Thank you caring hearts for these little guys."

Lola (Apple)

"Lola was adopted from Caring Hearts about a year ago. Lola loves making the bed & water!"

Lucy (Mama Callie)

"Lucy is one of the first rescues from Caring Hearts. Lucy loves playing fetch & being brushed!"

Beau (Bessie)

"Bessie, who turned out to be a boy, is now named Beau💙 he loves playing with his siblings who we rescued from caring hearts two years ago. Beau is so snugly and so playful and enjoying his forever home!"

Harley (Muffy)

We adopted our sweet loving Harley November 15th, 2018. She was previously named Muffy. From the second I held her while at PetSmart, I knew she had found a furever home with us, my mom and Sadie, our 13 year old Ragdoll. She has brought joy to my mom and me and has even managed to rejuvenate Sadie. They will chase each other around the house, almost like playing tag. She loves to hide around corners just to jump up on either us or Sadie as if trying to scare us. Harley does have a few quirky habits that make us smile and giggle: she'll eat and drink while laying down, she holds the bowl between her paws as if being greedy, she drags our clothes (and even towels that are more than three times her size) around the house hiding them for us to find, she has mastered the art of opening sliding doors and even drawers that aren't well shut, and I could go on even more. She has brought so much love and enjoyment to our home. She might be lucky to have found a furever home, but it is us that are truly blessed to have her. We will furever be grateful to Caring Hearts for bringing us to her. ❤️

Coupon (Cider)

Hello, my name is Coupon (Coup) , my name when I got adopted from Caring Hearts was Cider. I have an amazing life now thanks to Caring Hearts, my momma, my daddy, and my 2 siblings. I love to cuddle, purr, make biscuits and look out the window from the window ledge. I love to play fetch with my ball with a bell in it, and I love to bug my dad and sit in front of the tv on the tv stand. My favourite time to play and parkour is at night when my parents are trying to sleep, but they still love me. I want to thank Caring Hearts very much for helping me find my purrrrrfect furever home! Thanks to you I get endless cuddles from my mom and dad and have a nice safe and happy home and have 2 wonderful siblings to run around and have fun with! Love Coup.

Toothless (Ruby)

This is Toothless (formerly Ruby). Jamie and I adopted her in January last year after she was in foster care since July of 2018. Her brother was adopted right away but no one had to come to see her. She instantly took to us and did her squeaky purr when we picked her up. We knew we wanted a black kitty since they don’t get adopted as often. Toothless LOVES to play fetch with a spring, it is part of her morning ritual. She loves to play a parkour game where she runs up the wall when I play hide and seek with her. She prefers cuddles to being patted and loves anyone who comes to visit. We are so blessed to have her.


I adopted Pebbles from the Flintstone Crew back in 2018. I kept the Pebbles because no other name seemed to fit. I love her so much and could not imagine my home without her. She loves the sound of her own voice and makes me laugh every day. Thank you for helping me find her

Norman (Berlin)

I look at Caring Hearts website often and have visited adoption fairs but there was something about this little kitten when I saw his picture a little less than a year ago. Let’s face it, ALL kittens are adorable but I just knew he was for me when I saw him. Now his feline sister Mollie is a little less enamoured with him but they do for the most part get along and I even catch her every now and again trying to get him to play. My five year old son loves cats and he and Norman have become inseparable. Thanks to Caring Hearts for bringing him into our lives! Jennifer Baker & family 😻


Hazel was adopted from Caring Hearts in Sept 2018. She became a loving part of our family instantly, getting along with her 2 cat sisters and one dog sister right away. She is full of energy, mischief and fun! When I ask her who the baby is, she meows right away. She is always on our laps and always ready to snuggle. She just makes our lives better. We love our little Hazel!

Jake (Thumper)

This is my amazing cat Jake who I was lucky to have adopted into my family, he was a kitten when I got him but has grown into a very handsome boy , Jake is very affectionate and loves to cuddle , thank you caring hearts❤️

Pita & Pistachio

These are our precious fur babies, Pita (top) and Pistachio (AKA Stache). My husband and I adopted them in August 2019. They are sisters, and they were such tiny fluff balls. The foster mom did a wonderful job with these two. They are so social and loving, and do such crazy and hilarious things that we are considering their own FB page lol! We are always laughing. The foster parents, volunteers, organizers do such an amazing job in often overwhelming circumstances. Our life would be so lonely and boring without these two characters who think they are human 😊

Moose (Hagrid) & Willow (Trifle)

Moose and Willow (used to be “Hagrid” and “Trifle”), adopted them together in October 2019, born August 1st, they are now 7 mos old...love them to pieces, they are very energetic, sweet and cuddly and full of mischief...they love to watch all the birds and squirrels out the window at our house on the lake, and their favourite thing is playing with the water in the bathroom sink...very much looking forward to many years with these two! ❤️❤️ Jodi Rusnak


I adopted Patchouli 1 1/2 years ago. When we first got her she was very timid and not very affectionate . We also have 3 small dogs so we were not sure how that would work out. We thought her own room with a low board across door so if she needed some alone time from the dogs she would have it . 💕 She now roams the house with pride and confidence , she has many napping places and loves attention and cuddling in fact if we don’t give her enough she comes looking for it. To our surprise she gets along with the dogs 💕 We love her very much and can’t imagine life without her💕 🌈Tammy


This is Zazu, She was adopted in February 2019 as the tiniest ball of floof. She climbed right into my bed and my heart. She loves demanding to be fed first, flying around the house with her sister in the morning and again in the evening before hopping into bed beside my head for the night. She is the friendliest cat ever and apparently the only cat that doesn’t mind the vacuum cleaner. ♥️ Alicia 😊


Patches is an incredible cat! You can always find him relaxing in the sun, or playing with his fur sister and brothers, Lexi, Rocket & Roscoe. Patches still has the spunky kitten personality, which is always fun! I am so happy we adopted Patches from Caring Hearts Cat Rescue. What a wonderful rescue with dedicated volunteers! Thank you, Bree

William (Magic) & Arthur (Legolas)

This is William (Magic) and Arthur (Legolas). We adopted them about 2 1/2 years ago and we love them so much. Arthur is extremely curious and wants to play with everything (he especially loves toothpaste) and William is a lazy boy!

Jackson (Ziggy)

This is Ziggy who was formerly Jackson. We went to Pet Valu to hold the kittens and left with the tiniest one there. Ziggy is truly a mamma’s boy and he is definitely my baby. His prized possession is his baby blanket which he likes to lick. He has an older cat sister that he likes to annoy and a dog friend that he sleeps beside. Ziggy likes to run top speed through the house while he makes squawking noises. He’s a goof and a kook. He can also be quite regal and is the king of comfort so we sometimes call him “King Zig” Thanks so much for rescuing my baby. I don’t know where I would be without him in my life.


Last March we adopted our beautiful short hair tabby. The experience was wonderful, we got to meet her in her foster home first and asked a lot of questions. We fell in love and two weeks later we picked up our beautiful Quetico. Thank you Caring hearts for our Quetico. She loves to ferch( i have a video), she loves walking on her leash with her husky sister, lives being outside and wears a sweater when its cold. She is a purrfect fit to our family!😊 We love Quetico so much! Thank you Caring hearts, you made her transition from her foster family to our house so easy. A year later she is funny, sweet, loves to walk on her leash, fetch, play and cuddle❤️

Levi & Sabby (Chewy)

On November 12th 2019 we welcomed two caring hearts cuties into our family. Levi and Sabby (formerly Chewy) have not only adjusted quickly but they fit right in with our other cats and our two dogs. They have the most amazing little personalities and we couldn’t adore them more. They are certainly spoiled and we couldn’t be happier. Thank you to Caring Hearts for all you do for these precious little creatures and I’m sure we will be adopting from you again in the future. Laura and Jarrett Sylvestre