Miss Piggy

Miss Piggy is a 10-12week old female white and grey Siamese. High noise tolerance, moderate cuddle level that is well on way to lap cat. She is cat and kid friendly. Unsure about dogs. She came to Caring Hearts as a sick , feral kitten living in a cat colony. Her adventurous confident nature has sped up her socialization within the week of being in foster care despite not knowing people or how to play. Plain and simply, Miss Piggy is just happy to wake up in the morning. Her joy and playfulness managed to turn her foster parent’s cat (who only leaves bed to eat) into a kitten again himself within days. She rounds up the people and animals in the house like a sheepdog when she wants to play to make sure all are included. The love and playfulness follow her every move. We will update on progress as we get to know her more .

If you are interested in reserving this sweet baby, please click on the button below to fill out an adoption form.

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Special Traits