If you are looking for a big, friendly, couch potato pal, look no further — Harold is the fella for you!

Harold is playful and has a fantastic sense of humour about it. He loves noisy toys — you know the ones that crinkly, squeak, and have bells attached. He especially loves when you’re willing to bring the toys to him tied to a string so that he may watch you flail about hysterically while he plays comfortably in his favourite spots: chairs, beds, doll beds, camp chairs, sleeping bags. Harold does not discriminate against any idea of comfort.

Harold is a cuddle bug and loves to nap with you on top of and underneath the blankets. He loves to lay his big boy paws on your face and body in a gentle and affectionate way. He purrs frequently and loves sharing kisses.

Handsome Harold is new to Caring Hearts. He came to us from a Northern community. He is waiting on a vet visit and testing before he is fully ready for adoption.

If you are interested in reserving sweet Harold, please click on the button below to fill out an adoption form.

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Special Traits