Vanilla has come a long way in the short time she has been in foster care and has truly adapted to being an indoors cat. She has blossomed into a wonderful house companion. Originally a stray, she is now a pampered princess living her best life. She may come off as feisty at first but she is actually naturally very nervous and shy. Although Vanilla needs time to develop trust in her humans, once she does, she is a sweet, curious girl. Her favourite activities include: sunbathing, watching the birds outside, playing, and napping.
Vanilla requires that her boundaries are respected. That being said, she can be affectionate and will allow plenty of cuddles. She will sleep with you if you allow her and will purr loudly for early morning affection. She has not yet developed the confidence to climb into your lap on her own but she will stay there for pets and may even fall asleep in your lap.
During playtime, Vanilla will throw her entire body into the air to catch her “prey”, and loves to chase after balls and mice. She also sometimes makes a funny snorting sound when she is immersed in playing, while her meows are soft and breathy. Vanilla has a unique charm to her that you cannot help but fall in love with! It is unknown how she will be with other cats, dogs and small children. She has shown that she is very adaptable, so a very slow introduction to other animals or children is recommended.Behaviours

  • Vanilla has learned to gently push your hand away and use body language to let you know when she is scared or has had enough attention. When her boundaries are respected, she will let her boundaries be pushed slowly (i.e. be picked up, have her nails trimmed).
  • Vanilla has a history of being aggressive when scared (i.e. growling, hissing, swatting). Her tail twitches when she is nervous or unsure.
  • She also nips when excited/nervous, but not hard.
  • She has no issues with using a litter and is a very clean cat (although she sheds).
  • She is a very good eater.


  • Food: paté wet food; enjoys treats, catnip and gravy-only food/treats
  • Toys: wands, mice (one for a teddy bear, but many mice for prey), balls
  • Accessories: perch by window, scratching post, cat tent/hideout, boxes to sit in

Dislikes: being smothered, being brushed, being trapped, being left out, thunder (will hide).

Please fill out an application form if you think you would be a good fit for this gorgeous girl.

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