Sweetums is a 10-12 week old grey and white female. Cat and kid friendly, Sweetums is unsure about dogs. She has moderately tolerant to noise and has a moderate cuddle level, but is getting better with this daily.

Sweetums came to Caring Hearts as a sick feral kitten living in a cat colony. Now she’s learned to play and be an absolute joy and sweetheart after only a week in foster care. She will jump up and play from a sound sleep when she hears a toy move and is always ready to play happily alone or with another. Her favourite thing is getting love from her foster brother (cat), and being cuddled.

Although she loves being pet or held she always gives a little hiss before being picked up for some reason. She does not scratch or bite or fight, she will just let out a little hiss. Sweetums is true to her name and always so happy, a beautiful loving temperament. We look forward to learning more and sharing updates about this sweet girl.

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Special Traits