Sneakers (Reserved)

This cutie, Sneakers (male) and his brother Taz are now with Caring Hearts. We will be waiving the adoption fee to the appropriate home who will accept these brothers together.

Sneakers! This beautiful tuxedo cat is the bonded brother to Taz. He is very curious and smart and loves to explore. He LOVES his treats and is the first to great his foster mom in the morning for pets and snuggles. He wraps around your legs and sometimes decides your lap is more comfortable if Taz isn’t already on it! He enjoys playing and being groomed by his brother before nap time. He has amazing reflexes and can bat the smallest ball out of the air during play time. Check out some videos in the comment section. For more information please send us a message!
Please fill out an application form if you’d like to reserve one of this sweet babies for  your family.
May be an image of cat and indoor
May be an image of cat and indoor

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