Sage (reserved)

Little Sage is the apple of his foster mom’s eye.

Sage is a quiet but brave and cuddly boy. Of his litter, he was the first to go exploring, the first to eat big boy food, and the first to litter train.

Sage gets along well with his siblings and loves to wrestle like he’s in the WWE but at the core, Sage is a people-cat and is the first to come running to the door and to crawl up into a lap for some 1:1 cuddle time.

He doesn’t say much but his little purr box runs to let you know he’s content and he will kiss you to let you know how happy he is to be with you. His favourite cuddle positions are in a backwards hoodie, being held like a baby, and curled up next to his foster mom when she’s asleep in bed.

Little Sage is a treasure and he is excited to meet his forever family. Could this be you?

Please fill out an application form if you’d like to reserve this sweet kitten for  your family.

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Special Traits