This adorable petite female is approximately 5 years old but looks and acts like a kitten.  Affectionate & playful, Kitkat is showing interest in learning tricks. So far she’s learning to play tag and soccer.  She has certain meows for different things and it’s easy to learn what she wants . She likes to ride and nap on shoulders and will sleep on laps and chests. She’s so easy.. put her where you want her and she stays put.
This little lady came to us with her three kittens. She had obviously lived in pain and discomfort for a very long time. She seems to have lost a small part of her ear tips to frostbite and had to undergo emergency dental surgery during which the majority of her teeth had to be removed. It’s unknown how long Kit Kat suffered with an infected teeth and mouth. Since she has recovered from her surgery, Kit Kat is like a kitten. She’s living pain free and loving life. She eats normally even with only the few teeth she has left, both dry and canned food. Kit Kat’s foster family is still getting to know this little girl, but every day she shows how thankful and happy she is to be in a loving foster home and living without pain. Now all she needs is to find that special someone who will accept her, love her and spoil her as she deserves.

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