Halle is an adult black mama cat, between 1-4 years old, who came into rescue from Animal Services. She has given birth to her babies Wild, Chiron, Hale Bop, Biela and Tempel, who are adorable kittens weaned and ready for their forever homes. Halle has now been spayed and is ready for her own new family.

Halle is a real beauty, very friendly who loves pats! She is a very good eater – she’s s big girl who is good with kids and not nervous around dogs. She has been such a good mama to her babies.

Halle will follow you through the house, curious about what you’re doing, but does not interfere. She adapts well to her environment without complaint. She does not bite or scratch. There isn’t an aggressive bone in this sweet girls body. Likes to stretch and scratch at her scratching post (does not scratch furniture if she has a scratching post). Does not wake you for food, and waits patiently until you get up. Does not try to dash out the door. She’s a loveable sweet cat that will make an amazing pet

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Special Traits