Crispix was one of a group of over 15 cats that were brought into rescue in early March from a hoarding situation. Crispix, now in a loving foster home, has become quite curious about most things and has really started to enjoy playing with toys. This goofy boy likes pats, head scratches, and some belly rubs too. He is good with being picked up and even sticks his tongue out sometimes. Crispix has become quite the ham! He loves curling up in the bed on his foster mom’s desk while she works. He’s quite curious about most things and sometimes does the funny ‘meerkat pose’ to stand on his back legs.

Both he and his foster brother Weetabix, have become much more playful, mainly in the evenings. They really like little toy mice and crinkly balls. They are absolutely LOVING the laser pointer, and are very funny when chasing it. They both like looking out the window at the birds and squirrels. They haven’t quite figured out yet how to use a scratching post properly, tending to just stand beside it and pull it across the floor lol. Both are enjoying pats, head scratches, and brushing which is good. Their fur is getting much softer with that. Lots of purring and rolling around while being brushed. They are also allowing their foster parents to trim their nails without much struggle or protest.

If you feel you can open up your heart and home to one of these sweet cats, please fill out the adoption form below.

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